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About Balloon Bouquets Local Delivery

Customize Your Own Balloon Bouquet. Our Delivery Service included many areas
in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island and Westchester County.

Delivery may come between 8:00am-7pm. We cannot guarantee an exact delivery time. We also offering no-contact Delivery, Curb Side Delivery Only to Apartments and Office Buildings.

Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Part of Long Island also in many area of Westchester County include: Ardsley, Bronxville, Dobbs Ferry, Eastchester, Elmsford, Fleetwood, Greenburgh, Harrison, Hartsdale, Hastings-on-Hudson, Larchmont, Mamaroneck, Mount Vernon, New Rochelle, White Plains, Pelham, Port Chester, Purchase, Rye, Scarsdale, Sleepy Hollow, Tarrytown, Tuckahoe, Valhalla, White Plains, Yonkers. 


Customize Your Own Balloon Bouquet


 Text to 347-873-4913, Please order ahead to ensure your preferred delivery time.

Delivery service areas: Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, some area of Long Island and Westchester 
 Delivery charge based on address, starts at $12 for Forest Hills, Rego Park, Scarsdale.

Delivery throughout the day from 8:00am-7:00pm, Always try our best arrangement to meet your preferred delivery time frame. 




Balloon Decorations

We offer Balloon Decor for  Parties, Schools, Corporate Events and at Home Celebrations. We Will Deliver & Set It Up For You

Corporate Event Project Gallery

Custom Balloon Decor to Suit Your Event

Grand Opening Event, Seminar, Meeting, Convention, Organization Milestones, Product Launch Events

Holiday, Year End Parti



Balloon Decor - Setup

Simply order online for custom personalized balloon decor for all occasions. Schedule Balloon Delivery at your preferred time frame.

Balloons will deliver inflated and arranged ready to celebrate your special day!

We reserve the right to substitute for balloons that are not in stock, provided the substitution will maintain the style, theme and color scheme of the arrangement, using balloons of equal value.


Order Request

Text your order request and theme pictures to


Please provide our gallery photo or any inspiration photos and as much detail as possible including date/location of your event.

We’ll send you a quote to review.

Please order ahead to ensure your preferred delivery time.


About Balloons

This Air filled balloons decor can last weeks indoor.

Balloons used outdoors are not guaranteed to last any specific amount of time as the sun, heat, rain, wind, etc. effects the lifespan of the balloons.



Welcome to

Need high-impact and cost-effective event decoration? We're happy to help!

We are an online store located in Queens New York.

Text your order request/ theme pictures to 347-873-4913 or submit a service request form online. Please also arrange delivery or pick up ahead of time.

We will email you a quotation for you to review and confirm your order.

Please order as early as possible to ensure your preferred delivery date and time!

Balloons look their best when they are at their freshest point. Schedule delivery time on the same day as your event when possible




Terms & Conditions

We work via TEXT MESSAGE (347) 873-4913 /EMAIL AMYSBALLOON@GMAIL.COM allows us to provide quick responses while at job site or after business hours.
In order to exchange photos and will only exchange pricing in writing. This is also ensure order accuracy and allows both parties to view order details at any time.


We reserve the right to substitute for balloons that are not in stock, provided the substitution will maintain the style, theme and color scheme of the arrangement, using balloons of equal value.



Our balloon delivery and decoration services 7 days a week based on availability. Service area included: Queens, Long Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan with prices being based on milage/traffic from us.

Outside of our service areas? Please text your request to 347-873-4913
Delivery fees depend on the delivery location and time of day.


Balloon Bouquet deliveries are made between the hours of 8 am to 4 pm. Delivery to Office/Hotel/Facility/Apartment Buildings are Lobby, concierge, front desk only. We will attempt to contact/leave a message with the recipient/customer advising that a delivery has been made and is ready for pick-up. Once the balloons have been delivered to the receptionist, concierge, front desk, messenger center we consider the delivery accomplished.


Residential Deliveries, If no one is available to accept the delivery, the balloons will be left if there is a safe location made possible. 


An event is considered “booked” after a payment is made. If client allows payment of quotes/invoice incomplete. it is understood that the event date and time will be made available to other clients.


If you cancel after your order has been placed, we will refund the total less a 15% cancellation fee. No refund will be issued on an orders canceled less than Three days prior to the event. Once balloons are inflated, the purchase is non-refundable.

Refund is issued in the same tender as the processed sale.

No returns after the balloons are delivered.

Once your order is finalized, an invoice will be emailed to you that can be paid online with a credit card.
For schools, organizations, and corporations, we understand a check may need to be processed for payment. 

Orders should be placed as early as possible, for better delivery service please order at least 3 days in advance. Event set up dates and times are first come first serve.

Balloons used outdoors are not guaranteed to last any specific amount of time as the sun, heat, wind, rain, etc., effects the lifespan of the balloons. Many air filled balloon designs can last weeks indoor. The longevity of the balloons will depend on the environmental conditions of the space.

11 inch latex balloons will float indoors for 14-20 hours. Float times may be reduced significantly if balloons are used outdoors. Jumbo latex balloons float for about 24-36 hours, but note that clear ones (perhaps confetti-filled) will start to cloud after about 12-24 hours.


Mylar/foil balloons will remain full and taught for 2-3 days. Air-conditioned air may cause these balloons to shrink, but they will return to a normal state when exposed to warmer air.



This site is hosted by Square, Inc. Square hosts the store pages, ordering system, and order data. Square automatically collects order information but may only use this information in the aggregate. Please see the Square privacy policy for more information about how Square uses this information.

“If there is a problem with your transaction please let us know (347) 873-4913. Credit will be given in the following way: Store Credit may be issued as a credit in our system or credit towards future orders. In some instances credit will be applied back to your credit card. Please keep all invoice and email to confirm your purchase. Thank you!”


Helium from a balloon should not be inhaled. While helium is not toxic nor flammable, breathing it in can result in asphyxiation (loss of consciousness due to insufficient oxygen). We do not recommend or suggest releasing latex or mylar (foil) balloons into the air. Mylar balloons entangled in electric lines can result in power failures. Adult supervision is required. Discard broken balloons immediately. Children under 8 years old can choke or suffocate on un-inflated or broken balloons. Our balloons/balloon arrangements may include natural latex rubber, which may cause allergic reactions.



Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us

To better protect your privacy the following notice explains the information we collect, how it is used, how it is safeguarded, and how to contact us if you have any concerns.

Limitation of Liability

Amys Balloon/ NewYa LLC is not responsible for severe weather or other mishaps that may affect your event. Please also note that Amys Balloons, NewYa LLC will make efforts to accommodate date changes as permitted by our schedule.

For any weather concerns, please contact us at 347-873-4913 to reschedule.

We are not responsible for accidents or injuries related to our decor that is caused by mischief or mishandling by the client, guests or site staff.

After paying, client will automatically agree to hold Amys Balloon, NewYa LLC harmless of and from any and all claims, demands, losses, causes of action, damage, lawsuits, judgments, including attorneys' fees and costs, to the extent caused by or relating to the work of Amys Balloon NewYa LLC.


  • How Long will Latex Balloons Float For?

Float time depends on a number of factors including size, material and attachments.

Since latex is a porous material, helium begins to seep out from the moment the balloon is filled.

11” latex balloons will float for about 8-10 hours and 12” latex balloons will float for about 12-16 hours. 3 foot latex balloons float for about 24-36 hours, but note that clear ones (perhaps confetti-filled) will start to cloud after about 12-24 hours.


  • How Long Will Foil/Mylar & Plastic Bubble Balloons Float For?

Float times, similar to the latex balloons, vary between sizes and shapes of all balloons. The most common foil size is the 18” shaped balloons, which can stay looking fresh for around 3-5 days. Foil Supershapes contain more helium meaning they will stay inflated for weeks and sometimes even months.


  • How to extend the balloon floating time?

At AmysBalloons, we use a product called Hi-Float, which can extend the balloon floating life of latex balloons by 25 times. This product is completely nontoxic, nonflammable, nonirritating, and biodegradable. However, while Hi-Float works on both air-filled and latex balloons, foil balloons are not buoyant enough to float after being treated.


  • What Should I Know About My Balloons?

Please keep your balloons from coming into contact with sharp or hot objects and animals. Outdoor balloons - In hot weather, balloons can easily pop. Unless the wind is completely calm, balloons undoubtedly will be affected by the wind.


  • Outdoor Decor

Due to the general nature of balloons, we cannot guarantee that balloons will remain perfect and intact when used outdoors. If unpleasant weather conditions make it difficult or impossible to produce as specified we will do its best to provide decor alternatives. It’s clearly understood that there will be no refunds or discounts for loss, breakage due to factors outside and beyond our control. 


Please Text Your Order Request and Get an Immediate Response
1. Balloon item # and Colors 2. Quantity 3. Delivery Date and Time  4. Delivery Address 5. Email